October 2nd-October 4th $790 per person, Inner Listening Retreat 

Meeting Times: 


Friday, October 2nd: 7pm - 10:30pm EDT 

(6pm-9:30pm CDT; 4pm-7:30pm PDT; 1pm - 4:30pm HI)

Saturday, October 3rd: 4pm-7:30pm EDT 

(3pm-6:30pm CDT; 1pm-4:30pm PDT; 10am - 1:30pm HI)

Sunday, October 4th: 4pm-7:30pm EDT 

(3pm-6:30pm CDT; 1pm-4:30pm PDT; 10am - 1:30pm HI)

This Retreat Includes:

  • Light Transmissions and energetic healings with Mirabai
  • Light Work
  • Ascension and Awakening Teachings
  • Breath-work and meditations to Clean the energy and etheric body 
  • Guided exercises
  • Deep intimate sharings 
  • Experience of community in a virtual setting 
  • And much more…

During This Retreat You Will Experience:

  • Spiritual and Energetic Levels of Healing
  • Healing Your relationship with your Inner Self
  • Release Karma, Old Patterns and Outdated Belief Systems
  • Release and Transmute Limitations, Old Pain and Suffering
  • Connection With Your Soul and The Divine Light
  • Heal the Mental and Emotional Bodies from Separation
  • Open the Heart 
  • Enhanced Faith and Trust
  • Raise your Vibration
  • Open and Clear the Ways for Connecting with the Divine Self
  • Experience Joy, Positivity and Peace

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USD 790.00

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