Four-session 20-minute Light Transmission Package

The Importance of Light Transmissions 

Light brings Grace into our lives. This Grace can turn any situation around, as the Light transforms and heals. Transmissions of Light are healing and serve to transform relationships, health, and support spiritual awakening. The power of Light transmissions can:  

  • transform health conditions, 
  • provide vital healing for the physical body, mental and emotional body 
  • heal your relationships or heal heartbreak 
  • open the heart 
  • remove blocks to trust and self-love, 
  • release limitations, support problem solving, and finding solutions.
  • open and clear the way for manifestation of your Intentions. 
  • bring in the Light and open access to inner guidance, 
  • restore faith in the Divine, and bring sanity and peace of mind.
  • transmute karma -- personal karma and family lineage, past life karma
  • restore positivity into all situations and relationships
  • heal and help one to overcome and replace addictions of all kinds with the Divine Light

and so much more... 

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