Package of Three (3) Private Sessions with Mirabai Devi - New Clients

With the season of the Fall harvest fast approaching, here is a special opportunity to manifest your Intentions and experience a harvest of what you are spiritually cultivating in your Life. 

For a limited time only, we are offering a small package of Private Sessions with Mirabai Devi at a discount -- for New clients only. This is a rare opportunity to work with Mirabai Devi one-on-one at

a reduced price.

Package of Three (3) Private Sessions $1305 $1175

This special offer will expire on Friday, September 17th @ 5:00pm PDT

The Light that transforms, cleanses, and heals brings

Grace into our lives. Grace can turn any situation around, once it is invoked. The Light, that can be received through Transmissions of Divine Light, is potent and has the power to: 

  • Heal your body and boost your health and immunity
  • Heal your relationships 
  • Open the heart, Heal heartbreak 
  • Remove blocks to trust and self-love and self healing
  • Release limitations
  • Open and clear the way for manifestation
  • Bring in the Light for guidance
  • Open your access to Inner Guidance
  • Remove pain
  • Solve problems 
  • Transform health conditions.
  • Restore faith in the Divine and bring sanity and peace of mind
  • Transmute karma
  • Restore positivity to all situations

And so much more...

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USD 1175.00

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